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Become a Partner Pursuing the distribution channel strategy, establishing the channel partner system, H3C would like to work with more partners towards even greater success. Learn More
Channel Service The H3C partner star-rated service certification is an integral part of H3C's distribution channels’ service and technical management system. This standard sets out H3C's specific requirements for after-sales service capabilities of channel partners. Learn More
Training & Certification Based on technical requirements, and the needs of customers at various levels, H3C provides a four-level network certification system. Learn More
Partner Resources
  • Search for contact information of local distributors channels; verify the agent status of suppliers through our partners.
  • H3C provides overall plans for cooperative development, assisting your business and profit growth via a full range of distribution channel policies.
  • H3C Configuration Tool, is an online configurator offering how to select, configure and create quotes for H3C products and solutions.
  • The Pipeline Registration Tool is for partners to do the pipeline sharing and registration with H3C online directly. All information involved will be treated as confidential by H3C.
Partner Technical Support
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